Legal notices

The present website (hereafter the “Site”) accessible from the URL address  (and the URL address, is edited by the firm PCM Avocats (hereafter “PCM AVOCATS”), incorporated in the form of a civil-law private company with a capital of 2,000 €, registered in the special register of civil-law companies of Monaco under the number 09 SC 13689, and having its registered office 2 rue de la Lüjerneta in Monaco.

Any User of the Site may contact the Company and namely its webmaster at the following contact details:
Telephone number: +377 – 97 98 42 24
Person in charge of publication: Office Manager
E-mail address: officemanager [at]

The development and maintenance of the Site are done by the company RDLUX S.A, hereafter Vanksen, a limited company with a capital of 31,00 euros, the registered office of which being Centre Hermès 7, ZA du Bourmicht, L-8070 Bertrange, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, registered in the Luxembourg register of companies under the number B 82982.

The hosting of the Site is done by the company Claranet SAS, a simplified joint-stock company registered under  French law with a capital of 1 400 000 euros, the registered office of which being 18-20 rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75011 Paris, registered in the Paris register of companies under the number B 419 632 286.

The present conditions hereunder apply exclusively to the Site; their purpose is to fix the conditions of use by the simple access to the Site; its use implies unreserved acceptance by any user of the present conditions of use and his/her undertaking to comply with them.

1. Conditions of use of the Site

PCM AVOCATS has created the Site in order to enable anyone to access information concerning PCM AVOCATS and also to contact PCM AVOCATS.
Based on this Site, any user may have knowledge of the field of expertise of PCM AVOCATS, namely through the introduction of its members and the works they published.

It is specified that any contact made using the form in place may not be considered as a mission order to PCM AVOCATS. Any user wishing to obtain counselling and/or its representation by PCM AVOCATS is requested to provide PCM AVOCATS with a mission order in due form.

Any content published on the Site including namely any text, logo, brand name or photograph is protected under intellectual property rights or any other legal provision applicable in this case, and is the exclusive property of PCM AVOCATS, unless provided otherwise.

Any reproduction, use, operation, adaptation of the protected contents present on the Site is prohibited without the permission of PCM AVOCATS and/or the rights holder if applicable, whether for commercial or non commercial purposes.
Based on the above, any PCM AVOCATS publication made available to users remains the property of PCM AVOCATS and its authors, and may not be reproduced without the authorisation of the latter.PCM AVOCATS reserves the right to sue anyone who might harm one of its intellectual property rights.

The present conditions may be amended at any time by PCM AVOCATS. Any change will be published on the Site and enforceable as soon as it is published; information will be passed on to the users.

Links to other websites

The Site may contain links directing users to third party websites, the content of which is related to the Site, PCM AVOCATS and its activities on the day of its publication on the Site.
If PCM AVOCATS publishes these links to enable Internet surfers to access third party websites for their information, PCM AVOCATS has no control over the content of these third party websites and may not be held responsible for their content on this count.

Therefore, it is up to every user to take precautions when accessing these websites and namely to check their conditions of use.

Any user is invited to inform PCM AVOCATS of the publication of an inactive link, not directed to the purported information, or directed to a website the content of which is not acceptable.

Anyone wishing to publish on the Internet a link connecting its website to the one of PCM AVOCATS must request PCM AVOCATS’s prior authorisation. Failing that, PCM AVOCATS reserves the right of requesting the withdrawal of this link and any compensation for damages if applicable. PCM AVOCATS declines any responsibility on this count for any content of third party website publishing a link to PCM AVOCATS without its prior authorisation.


PCM AVOCATS updates its content and the devices in place on the website on a regular basis to enable access and use of its Web site in the best conditions for the user.

However, PCM AVOCATS may not guarantee the topicality, exhaustiveness, accuracy and entirety of the contents present on the Site. PCM AVOCATS recommends the user to check the contents, namely through contact data, before any use. In this respect, the user is fully aware that the contents present on the site are given only for information purpose, and may not involve its responsibility for any use/interpretation by the user.

Moreover, PCM AVOCATS reserves the right of amending the Site any time it deems appropriate, and therefore may not guarantee the user will have access to the whole Site at any time, without interruption, in time, safely and mistake-free. It is specified that changes may affect the nature or the extent of the services available. PCM AVOCATS invites the User to check its content with the person in charge of publication at the above-mentioned address.

Any content published on the Site by PCM AVOCATS complies with all the legal provisions applicable, namely law and order, any rule related to the contents published, and third party rights.

Any user is invited to inform PCM AVOCATS of any content published on the Site that he/she deems not to be in compliance with the rules in force.

It is specified that PCM AVOCATS may not be held responsible for any annoyance or damage caused to a user by third parties’ actions that, through disloyal technical means, have used the information available on the Site. However, the Company undertakes to place at its disposal the means to fight against any action of this type, being limited by the restrictions inherent to the Internet.

PCM AVOCATS may not be held responsible for any damage suffered, namely because of the quality of the Internet network and/or technical configurations.

The present conditions of use are subject to the laws of Monaco and any disputes, namely concerning their enforcement and construction, will be referred to the competent court of Monaco.

2. Privacy Charter

The purpose of the present Charter is to notify the User of the information likely to be collected via the Site and its use by PCM AVOCATS if applicable.

Disclosure of the users’ personal data is not a requirement to access the Site or any portions thereof. Furthermore, no personal information concerning the users will be collected without their knowledge.

Any information collected by PCM AVOCATS through the Site is in furtherance of the collecting authorisation given expressly by the User after validating the relevant form.

It is specified in this respect that the Site offers the Users to disclose their personal data to PCM AVOCATS to contact the associates of PCM AVOCATS, and/or to receive by e-mail any news concerning PCM AVOCATS.

Each form requires disclosing the following information:

  • last name,
  • first name,
  • company (if applicable)
  • e-mail (compulsory data)

The users’ data thus collected will be kept and used by PCM AVOCATS so as to secure exclusively:

  • posting e-mails to the user in reply to his/her contact request using the form in place,
  • posting PCM AVOCATS’ news by e-mail to the user further to his/her request using the form in place.

In this respect, data will be kept for the whole period necessary for the safe execution of the above-mentioned purposes.

PCM AVOCATS undertakes to use the Users’ data only for the above-mentioned purposes, excluding any commercial use, without the users’ prior authorisation.
Furthermore, PCM AVOCATS will not forward users’ data to third parties without the users’ prior authorisation.

It is specified that in its capacity of technical service provider, Vanksen has access to the users’ data exclusively to secure the safe operation of the Site as a whole.

In compliance with the laws in force related to the protection of privacy, any User giving his/her personal data using one of the above-mentioned forms enjoys:
1. right of access: you may obtain disclosure of the data concerning you and check their accuracy

2. right of correction: in case of inaccuracy of this information, you may demand its correction, completion or deletion

3. right of revocation: you may demand the deletion of your data

These rights may be exercised upon simple written request sent by e-mail to the address officemanager [at] or by letter written to PCM AVOCATS at the address previously specified in this document.

PCM AVOCATS takes all the steps necessary to secure the confidentiality of the users’ data collected and to protect them against unauthorised access by third parties.

The use of Cookies

Like many other Internet sites, the Site contains “cookies” used to collect and save information concerning the use of the Site. Cookies are designed to enable the Site to recognise each user as a previous user at every connection, in order to provide the best personalised service to each user, and to improve browsing at every new visit.

The cookies used by PCM AVOCATS may not remove personal information from the users’ hard disk enabling to identify them other than in the form of cookies, nor transmit computer viruses.

Cookies enable PCM AVOCATS, for instance, to personalise home pages by saving the preferences issued by a user at the time of a previous visit of the Site. They may identify the headings of the visited Site, follow the development of the preferences, possibly collect a domain name and follow its progress through the Site’s web pages.

PCM AVOCATS uses cookies only to collect the information mentioned in this Charter and never personal or registered information that could identify a user without his/her consent.

To evaluate the interest for the various headings of the Site, PCM AVOCATS reserves the right to analyse the behaviours of the Site’s users. Any information collected on this occasion will be used with the only purpose of improving its content, increasing the pleasure users take in browsing on the Site, and personalise the content and/or the appearance of the pages.

Every user has the possibility of tracking the cookies by changing the configuration of his/her browser. Therefore, every user may: accept all the cookies, be informed when a cookie is activated, or reject all the cookies. However, in that event it is likely that the user experiences difficulties in browsing on the Site in the best conditions.

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