Business law

PCM Avocats' specialist team assists clients with the full range of legal issues they may encounter in the field of business law.

Our team has proven experience in the following areas:

  • Asset acquisitions/sales (audits, transfer of ownership agreements, warranties, shareholders' agreements, etc.);
  • Long-term financing operations (capital increases by new share issues, capital reductions, etc.);
  • Internal restructuring operations (mergers, partial asset transfers, etc.);
  • Creation of companies or joint ventures of all forms;
  • Business closures, and 
  • More generally all company law matters encountered by our clients.

Our team also works on all aspects of complex multijurisdictional cases. We regularly work with other firms, also leaders in their respective jurisdictions.

In addition, together with the employment law team, we provide our clients with legal advice and support in the field of employment law.