Business law

The area of expertise of PCM Avocats' specialist team covers all long-term financing operations (capital increases by new share issues, capital reductions, etc.), internal restructuring operations (mergers, partial asset contributions, etc.), creation of companies or joint ventures of all forms, business closures, and more generally all business law matters encountered by our clients.

Since its creation, PCM Avocats has built up a reputation as a highly respected provider of legal services in the field of business law. The firm has played an active role in some of the largest internal restructuring operations, joint venture creations, audits, sales and acquisitions of assets in the Principality of Monaco.
Our direct involvement in operations like these and many others, has enabled us to build up a unique wealth of experience in Monaco.

We also assist our clients with litigation arising frequently as a result of shareholder and boardroom disputes or warranty claims.

This activity covers the following areas:

  • Risk assessment;
  • Crisis management;
  • Special proceedings before the Judge of the Trade & Industry Register;
  • Amicable settlements;
  • Trial.

Finally, we also advise our clients in criminal or administrative proceedings.

PCM Avocats' expertise and reputation in the field of business law is built on the skill, knowledge and experience of the firm's lawyers, their frequent interaction with the Monegasque authorities, and their active role in discussions on Monaco's business laws.

Our team also works on all aspects of complex multijurisdictional cases. We regularly work with other firms, also leaders in their respective jurisdictions.